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This is apathy by itself. it is Herbal and Natural Related
It is authorized and authentic Settle Law. Legally it is recognized but laws are in process.
Dr. COunt Mattei, who was born in Italy.
About Two Hundred Year.
Even without completion of its Legal Processing you may practice. because in respect of theis pathy a (G.O) and a (G.R) are there, hence it is authorized, Authentic Settle law.
Among the alternatives, R.M.P course has been closed.
The period of duration for diploma is 2 years. It is 3 years for the Bachelor, and for M.D.E.H. its duration period is 2 years.
You may join M.D.E.H after bachelor of medicine.
For example, B.H.M.S, B.A.M.S, B.U.M.S and M.B.B.S.
The name if the college is : jauhar Medical College of B.E.M.S . It s complete address is Huda Mushk Mahal Colony, No.9, Kishanbagh, Rajendra nagar Road,Bahadurpura, Hyderabad
It is affilated to the Board. There is not yet any University in India in respect of the Electro Homeopathy.
On account of its Legal Processing.
Legal Processing means that even though the Government has approved it A system had not yet been made. The introduction of a system is termed as Legal Processing.
The Board's name is Council of Jauhar Electro Homeopathy Medicos.
Until the Drug Act is not implemented till then there is no restriction
Is the name of one of the Government's Department.
You will not undergo any such suffering. The Secundrabad Court, High Court of Calcutta have not permitted the Department officers to interfere in the practice of Electro Homoeopathy.
We have three branches.
At Hyderabad, Melegaon, nasik, Lakhimpur.
We have (27) centres. The number of centres is increasing day by day.
We have (5) Council.

(1) Council for Dr. Count Mattei Electro Homeopathy Medicos, Govt Registered 1932.

(2) Council for Medical and Para Medical of maharastra Malegoan

(3) Council for Jauhar Electro Homeopathy Medicos, Hyderabad. Government Registered No.4381

(4) Council for Jauhar Rural medical Service. Government Registered no 30.

Vide an order issued in AUrangabad you may use it.
The Doctor of this pathy can get this medicine directly from the company./div>
Please get the list of the syllabus from our college office.
You have to pay in instalments.
The desirous persons may please talk to the Chairman at our College Office.
(D.E.H.M.), (B.E.M.S.), (M.D.E.S.), (R.M.P.H.), apart from these :(N.D), (C.M.S), (D.M.S) more over you may complete all alternatives from our Institutes.
In the urdu language, sometimes in the english language.
Yes, we have lady lecture also.
You have to study the book at your home and every sunday at Twelve 'O' Clock class and lecture are given.
Unless the government completes the legal processing the question of service does not arise.
You may run your own clinic or get a service in a private or a hospital.
Yes after getting the attestation from the central government GAD department you can appear for M.O.H Exam in a foreign country and run your own clinic.
Candidates from all medium and all groups can take up this course.
So far the legal processing of this pathy has not been done. As such in accordance with the system introduced by the association education is imparted.
Yes it can be got endorsed by a notary.
Registration could be done after legal processing.
Until the legal processing is over, under the government G.O and G.R.O orders clinic could be run, running the clinics is within thr precints of law. It is not illegal.
There may be one lakh or even more such doctors.

Yes other courts have also recognized for example

Supreme Court of India, recognised on dt. 10-1-2006

Court of Allahabad, recognised on dt. 20-5-2002

High Court of Mumbai, has recognised

High Court of Jubbalpore, has recognised

High Court of Calcutta, has recognised

Ministry of Health Central Government has recognised

Ministry of Karnatak has recognised

Ministry of Health, Government of Chattisgadh has recognised

Do not argue with them orally. Ask them in writing as to what wrongs they have observed. If you do not get their signuture on written statements on written statements, the said officer will deny all such things when the concil or the college takes action against them and will state that he/they never went to said officer refuse these two items, immediately call police and take help. Inform the college and the office immediately in writings
In India there are hundreds of colleges offering this pathy. In other countries also there are Electro Homeopathy valid. In all countries you find the Electro Homeopathy Instutions. You can get their knowledge on the internet.
You have to appear for the exam in the board. Both the certificate and the registration certificate will be given by the board.
No. The previous certificate will be continued as done earlier
When the Research & Development are completed.
The government of Chattisgadh. However the Supreme Court has issued order to all states for the legal processing./div>
Yes. It's
In case you have availed a Certificate from an authorised, authentic, settle law board, but it;s not getting registered, it does not mean that this certificate is forged one or an artifical one. Registration is done only after Legal Processing. Until the completion of legal processing vide Government G.O and the G.R.O. and orders of the High COurt he is a real Doctor. A person who had not completed his course through a recognized college will be termed a Bogus Doctor or FOrged Doctor. As far as the matter of registration is concerned sometimes even a certificate issued by the government is denied its Registration. For example D.H.M.S and D.D>S. etc., so not have registration.
NOTE :- If you have passed B.P.C., intermediate and can spend lakhs of Rupees and can continue your studies for period of four and a half years, to five and a half years as a regular students then you can as well do B.H.M.S., B.A.M.S., M.B.B.S or B.Y.N.S., and get your registration through C.I.M. because you cannot fulfill the present terms and conditions of legal processing, despite this you have an urge to do something, then you have only one way. You could get D.E.H.M., and B.E.M.S or some other alternative certificate and could serve the people.
Now a days most of the people are asking the question that as our state has made Registration of C.I.M. compulsory and that without this registration a Dcotor cannot give/prescribe medicine nor can he open a hospital at any place. However this is not true. In india there are about 75 alternative medical courses. Out of these only a few certificates ahve the C.I.M registration. All the remaining certificate are valid under Government G.O or G.R.O or a order of the High COurt. Under these order it's quiet lawful to run a Hospital for example a person camps in a city, and openly distributes doses of Asthma to hundreds of people in a fish, and ask the patient to gulp it down his throat. Among such peopleevan government officials are also present. The Health Ministe is also present, if he ia an Asthma patient. Doesn't the government know about this person giving the Asthma medicine to them. Is this found in the C.I.M or M.C.I? Is it found in the AYush or in the U.G.C? I, want ot show you that such a system is not found in any state. But I, believe that this act is not unlawful. or it had been legalized by submission of a petition in some High Court or Zilla Lower Court and after its approval their procedure is set in Law. and is accepted as a lawful act. No officer could challenge it. Likewise the Ministry of Health, Central Government has approvedD.E>H.M and B.E.M.S., Electro Homoepathy. Nearly all the High Courts of the states have legalized it. Even the supreme court has permitted it. And it is valid through out the world. As such this pathy will be termed as Full Settle Law. Then how could an officer stop Electro Homeopathy Doctor from running his Hospital. As far as the registration is concerned only those Certificates have to be get registered for which the legal processing had been completed. The government has not yet taken up the Legal processing of the ELectro Homeopathy. Therefore a Hospital could be run without registration. The doctor of Electro Homeopathy are valid vide the orders contained in the government G.O., and G.R. when the legal processing is completed then the Registration will be compulsory. For Example take the Naturopathy only in Five states in India have recognized Naturopathy. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pardesh, Madhya Pradesh, chattisgadh. In these fice statre its recognised hence in thse five statesregistration of Naturopathy degree is done. In the other states the legal processing is yet to be taken up, and where there is no university, nor is the C.I.M. registration available, then how are they becoming Naturopally doctor and how are they running a Hospital. We would like to point out that in the states where it had not been recognised in such states the private board and privite colleges are present, they impart education and the exam are controlled by the Board. There the Naturopathy degree become valid vida the G.O. and G.R.O and the Court Order, the doctor run the clinic without any interference. and where is an ACT existing rescpect of Pathy.

The officers of this Act do their duties in their own institutions. Electro Homeopathy does not come under their jurisdiction. As such, apart from the police no other department's Officers could enter the hospital and interfere with Electro Homeopathy hospitals, run by B.E.M.S and the D.E.H.M doctors. Such interferance is not correct. In this regards even the Secundrabad and Calcutta High Courts have prohibited interference. however in case of complaints filled with the Po Police, Police could interfere not only in your clinic, it can enter even the Big Hospitals and the Government Hospitals. Yhe police Act allows the Police to Investigate in legally genuine cases. Electro Homeopathy Often the question is asked whether we can prescribe Allopathic medicines. Yes as long as the D Drug Act is not introduced, till then at the Primary level there is no such restriction. As and when the Drugs Act is introduced and implemented the doctor of each pathy will have to run the clinic of his Own pathy. However, we have written to our advocate these details, in this we have also pointed out that through out India lakhs of Government Buses are being plied, and in each Bus a Red Color Box is carried, whereon First Aid Is written, this box contains Primary stage medicines. Please tell us does each Bus has a M.B.B.S. Doctor, having the C.M.I., registration present in the Bus. You answer will be ‘No’ The who will give the Passenger some medicine as the FIRST AID? This will be done either by the Driver or the conductor of the Bus. If in case the driver is an old aged person this help will be given by one of the Bus passenger. Please note, even an uneducated and an illiterate person can give the Allopathic medicine here.
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