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Dr. Count Ceaser Mattei, was born on 11th January, 1809. he was the son of a wealthy person who lived in Rochita a hamlet of Bolonga a city of Italy. For his living he was dependent upon the property of his parents. In the year 1947, he wrote a book on Humanity which provided him an opportunity to take active part in pllitics. it was a period of struggle. A Christian Father in AUstralia, he provided an opportunity to COunt Mattei and his brothers and they gave a piece of land to the Father as a gift. As such Australia owed gratitude to them. In the meanwhile COunt Mattei was apponted on the post of Lieutenant for undertaking protective steps for the protection of the Australian people. In the month of April, 1848, he was promoted to the post of Deputy Judge. In the same month he was nominated member of the ROman Parliament, was appointed as Deputy of Ruler. However he was not happy with these Political posts and appointments. Subsequently he gave his resignation and commenced to live as a common man. In this manner he fulfilled his long wish and desire and started spending his time on Research which was related to medicines. By and by he made certain discoveries as a result of his research works. This gave him peace at heart. He came to the conslusion that the inventions of Hannemann could strengthen the work of promotion of health preserving acts. For this some law essential. He studied the books of an expert writer on vegetation and also studied anciwnt books. He kept a deep vigil on the influences he carried on account of these books. his old teacher Paulokasta played an important role in encouraging him, in factthis teacher himsalf had great expertise on the knowledge of medical sciences. passing through keen studies and research, Count Mattei presented two laws before the world.

  • The presence of Electrical Rays in the vegetations.
  • Complicated kinds of Rays through complicated treatment.

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