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After taking up the B.E.M.S., D.E.M.S COurse ultimately you will appear for the Board Exam. After obtaining the Certificate you could open your own clinic and serve the people. During practice you need not fear at all. ANd why should you have any fear? You are not doing any wrong. A person has fears when he does some illegal work or if a person is doing lawful work but does not know about the laws.

In such an event we feel weak and loose our confidence. Then fear grips him. You have been educated in a Government Registered College and Completed the B.E>M.S., D.E.M.S., and appeared for Exam of an Authentic Board. You are serving the people under an authentic Pathy. Regarding this service the Central GOvernment;s Ministry of Health has declared in clear words that The practioners of Electro Homeopathy may carry on their practice and during the practice he must not have any fear, however apart from practice, if get involved in any illegal offence, then it will be another matter. To the extent of carrying on yours practice lawfully you need not have any fears.

Jauhar Medical College of Electro Homeopathy
  • 1. B.E.M.S
  • 2. M.D
  • 3. D.E.H.M.
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Course Offered
  • 1. D.E.H.M.
  • 2. B.E.M.S
  • 3. M.D.E.H