In this manner he become the inventor of medical treatment using natural rays. He used to prepremedicines using a special procedure. This is called a purely vegetative system. For using the natural Rays in medical treatment Count Mattei performed experments for Thiryt (30) years, which gave incrediable results. using his procedure he treated about tow thousand patients in St. Theresa Hospital successfully, restoring their health.In the year 1893 Dr. S. Candy impresses with COunt Mattei's endeavours and his method of treating patients and his grea success applauded him in a seminar and express his view that these medicines had great effect to cure the disease. On 6th December 1887, COunt Mattei accorded permission to one of his close relative M.V.Mattei legally authorizing him use his inventions in medical treatment. As such later on several famous Docotrs successfully used this procedure for treatment for example Dr. Candy, Earson, J.J. GIlden, Wilkinson, h.Worth of London, Aram Theobold of Glagow

Count Mattei died on 9th September 1896, about seven thousand people attended his funeral. In india number of famous medical practiotioners in Homeopathy used the method and medicines of Count Mattei. His methods of medical treatment is know as the Electro Homeopathy. Dr.Yudhveer Singh founded the Jawaharlal Nehru Homeopathy College at Delhi.

Dr. B.K.Palke Ex-Minister for Health, Delhi, Dr. M.V.Kuljurni, Dr. Radha heldor, Dr. Bannerjee, Dr. N.L.Sinha, Dr.B.P.Saxena all of them utilized Electro Homeopathy and also wrote several books on this topic.

A few days back, Anand Mirga who is residing in V.I.P Nagar Calcutta wrote and stated that some old books on electro homeopathy are available in (Central Homeopathy College's departments of sciences, 118, Amharst Lane, Calcutta-9) the numbers of books on Electro Homeopathy are still available. in the science department and officer research works are being continued on Electrohomeopathy, and they are trying to find out ways and methods of curing procedures. This is still in continuity. On account of the Electro Homeopathy methods of treatment number of patients miraculously got cured the news of which had been published in the newspapers published in italy, britainm Germany.

Dr. CHass F. Zampat published a Bulletin in 1896, in Lopeisk City of German.

In this connection to bring forth the significance of this work, in the form of a book, under the title (High Moral Values of Mankind by COunt Mattei endeavours published in Bolonga city in 1871) this has been got registered with the United Nations Organizations. Tis year this book has been translated in German language under the title of "Gritler" in Vieanna City. In the years 1872 and 1873 Dr.Regards got published certain Articles from the abive named book in the famous magazine "Herald" Likewise in other magazines also the publication of Articles is continuing.


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